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Bill Lang

Executive Director - Australia

Bill’s career spans over 35 years in which he has worked in a number of industries and countries. As a student at The University of Melbourne he co-founded the fast food business Doctor Dog and published his first book. In 1985-6 he became a member of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at the University of Melbourne.

Upon graduating from the University of Melbourne with an Honours degree in Law and Commerce, Bill worked in Australia with KPMG and Great Britain as an Auditor and Management Consultant. Bill then worked for McKinsey & Co internationally as a Management Consultant. In 1989 Bill was awarded the Macquarie Bank Scholarship and a Fulbright Scholarship to attend the Harvard Business School. 

While at Harvard he was the Managing Editor of NET PRESENT VALUE – The Career Planning Guide for Harvard MBA’s. Bill graduated in 1991 as a Baker Scholar and as the Proctor and Gamble International Fellow. 

During his time as a consultant strategist in Great Britain, Bill served clients in a range of industries including the financial, service, leisure and tourism, automobile, telecommunication, media, manufacturing and insurance industries. Each of these projects involved providing detailed reviews of industry structure, competitor conduct and performance, corporate and business strategic development, and the development of marketing and customer relationship management systems. 

While working with KPMG and McKinsey & Company, Bill managed the recruitment, selection and professional development of University Graduates. 

Durning the period he was working on his Doctorate of Business Administration, Bill researched internet-focused brand building and subsequently took a leave of absence to co-found two internet companies, Freeonline (Australia in 1998) and Sharinga Networks Inc. (San Francisco in 2000). These start-ups culminated in a $120 million global alliance with AT&T and British Telecom. 

Upon his return to Australia, Bill set out to revolutionise our understanding of how adults learn new workplace skills in order to help maximise individual workplace engagement, contribution and career satisfaction. Starting with Doctorate level research identifying universal career management skills and adult learning skills, a series of skill development processes and products were developed. These then led to the television series “Career Success” and several other solutions for developing workplace effectiveness skills for staff, managers and executives. These products are now used globally by career coaches, organisational development consultants and executive coaches. In 2009 WILEY publishing company released Bill Lang’s book “Scores on the Board,” which is now internationally sold from business book stores and online book retailers. 

Bill currently advises and coaches through The Human Performance Company, which specialises in Tailored Workplace Development for improving human and organisation performance.

He has written several books and a plethora of papers and articles. He is regularly interviewed on TV, radio and the print media for business opinions and advice.


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