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Unlock New Horizons With the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement

In today's rapidly globalising economy, the move to expand your franchise to the promising markets of Australia and New Zealand can be the game-changing decision your brand needs. With the recent UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement in place, business opportunities are more accessible and profitable than ever. 

About Us

Frontier Franchise Services, led by franchising veteran David Abingdon, offers an unmatched track record of establishing and growing franchises across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

With over two decades of experience, David has driven exponential growth, even taking 4 businesses from zero to multi-millions in less than 12 months. Learn more about David

Custom Solutions for Every Franchisor

Frontier Franchise Services offers adaptable solutions, recognizing each brand's distinct qualities. Whether you seek comprehensive support or specific services, we shape our offerings to fit your goals. 

Our mission? Empowering your franchise success in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Service Offering

The recent UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement has flung the doors of opportunity wide open for businesses ready to scale their horizons. With franchising as your vehicle and Frontier Franchise Services as your co-pilot, there's never been a more opportune moment to venture into fresh terrains.

We're not just about helping you enter these burgeoning markets; our mission is to ensure you dominate and flourish within them. Here's how we champion your expansion:

Market Insights & Validation

By diving deep with our Proof of Concept Research, you're ensuring a rock-solid foundation for your franchise. Our extensive Market Opportunity Analysis and Market Entry Strategies Reports pinpoint sectors ripe for success, giving you the confidence of entering a market where swift returns on investment are highly probable.

Strategic Growth Blueprint

Root your venture in success with our meticulously crafted Business Plan, tailored with a pinpoint financial strategy. This blueprint sets the trajectory, steering you towards rapid expansion and long-lasting success, ensuring that every step you take is one of growth and progress.

Hassle-Free Market Entry

Embarking on your Australian and New Zealand journey is simplified with us by your side. We meticulously handle every aspect, from company formation to tailoring franchise agreement documents for franchisees, ensuring full alignment with local regulations. Enjoy a seamless entry into these new territories, fully equipped with the legal documentation and compliance to protect and propel your brand.

Impactful Launch And Expansion

With our guidance, your market entry is not just a splash, but a tidal wave. Whether you lean towards collaboration or want us to lead, our commitment ensures your brand's introduction is both impactful and sustainable. Beyond just a successful launch, we prioritise continuous business development, ensuring sustained momentum and brand dominance.

Franchisee Selection & Onboarding

The right partners can replicate and even amplify the success you've seen in the UK. We don't just find franchisees; we source individuals who resonate with your brand values and are driven to achieve. This meticulous process means that every representative of your brand in the new market is competent, passionate, and aligned with your vision, propelling your franchise towards a bright future.

End-To-End Support Commitment

Our commitment extends far beyond the initial setup. By opting for our continuous management and support services, you're ensuring that business operations always run at peak efficiency. This level of dedication guarantees a smooth business trajectory, leaving you free to innovate and lead in your domain.

Benefits To Franchisors

Embarking on an international expansion journey offers numerous advantages. Here are 12 compelling benefits that franchisors can leverage when extending their brand to the vibrant markets of Australia and New Zealand with our expert assistance:

Easy Market Entry:
Utilise the new UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement to effortlessly expand your franchise to promising new territories.
Proven Expertise:
With over two decades of global franchising experience, our team assure successful replication of your business model in Australia and New Zealand.
Financial Growth:
Our strategic business and financial planning tools are designed to generate rapid RoI, expanding your revenue streams in international markets.
Risk Mitigation:
With our 'skin in the game' approach, we align our success with yours, ensuring utmost dedication to achieving your franchise goals.
Flexible Offerings:
Opt for our comprehensive service suite or select specific services tailored to your needs, ensuring you pay only for what you require.
Local Market Insight:
Leverage our deep understanding of the Australian and New Zealand markets, ensuring your franchise resonates with local consumers.
Regulatory Compliance:
Navigate the legal and regulatory landscape effortlessly, as we handle all compliance requirements for your franchise establishment.
Accelerated Growth:
Our performance-driven fee structure motivates us to rapidly grow and scale your franchise, ensuring quicker profitability.
Access to Top Talent:
With our dedicated recruitment services, source the best franchisees and master franchisees to represent your brand.
Continuous Support:
Benefit from our ongoing operational and managerial support, ensuring your franchise's smooth and efficient functioning.
Save on initial overhead costs by leveraging our local resources and network, allowing for a streamlined launch and operation.
Brand Enhancement:
Gain increased brand recognition and prestige by successfully establishing and growing in new international markets. 

Our Fees

Understanding the significance of investment is paramount. Our fees are transparent and straightforward. While we do charge a foundational fee to cover our time, expertise, and resources dedicated to your project, it's essential to realise this is merely the beginning of our partnership. 

The true testament to our belief in our joint venture is that the substantial portion of our compensation is performance-based. 

This isn't just a pricing model—it's our ironclad commitment to your success. By ensuring our rewards are predominantly tied to the results we achieve for you, it's evident: we're in this journey together, with both of us aimed squarely at success. In essence, we don't just offer a service; we become a dedicated partner, fully invested in your triumph.

Strengthening Home Operations First?

Local Optimisation Before Global Expansion

Considering refining your current operations before going global? At Frontier Franchise Services, we get it. Building a strong domestic foundation often paves the way for international success.

We offer consultancy tailored to franchisors aiming to enhance their home operations. From boosting sales to tackling unique challenges, our team is ready to help. 

With vast experience across various industries, we can fortify your local presence, priming you for global expansion when the time is right. Your strong home base is our shared goal.

David Abingdon

A Legacy Of Franchise Success

Developed a new division for a client and made them £35 million recurring income in 2.5 years.
Founded Insurety PLC achieving £4.5 million in just 12 months.
Grew the Quantum Organization franchise in UK and Australia to an audited valuation of £11.2 million within 10 months.
Developed the Alchemy Network franchise in UK, Australia and elsewhere achieving in excess of £1 million in first year
Trained 3000+ professionals globally in business growth, franchising, sales and more.
Featured in the UK’s Channel 4 acclaimed documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’.

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